Crypto Storage & Payments Simplified

The Most Comprehensive De-Fi Wallet

IHODL Is a new Non-Custodial Web Based Wallet & Mobile App Located in the Seychelles, which supports over 2015 Crypto Tokens on most Blockchains. From every transaction sent through the wallet, 0.125% goes into the liquidity pool of our token HDL. We burn tokens, increasing our value daily.

Simply put, IHODL is one of the most forward thinking and unique Crypto Wallets in the world. 

We are KYC Ready, with fast and easy to enable functions that facilitate seamless compliance with international legal reporting requirements when you need them.  IHODL created what the crypto market is missing by providing a simple and easy to use Crypto Wallet, with all the analytic data a user “you” could wish for. Assign your wallet addresses with an email address, to send proof of transactions automatically. IHODL sends a simple notification to the wallet address for the sender and receiver, and notifies your wallet with a sent, completed or pending transaction mark. 

 “A great addition for business use”

Our dedicated Group/Bulk payment feature, with individual payment amounts, plus our Reoccurring transactions feature, makes life easier for crypto businesses. 

You can verify all of your Send/Receive & Buy/Sell transactions in the wallet easily, without needing to hunt through the blockchain for a TRX Hash.                         Our dedicated Cold Storage integration for both Ledger & Tresor, keep your long term investments safe offline, making us truly unique. IHODL functions the way you want it to, with simplicity and ease.

Buy, Sell, Send, Receive, Spend, Swap, Lend, Stake, Store.  

IHODL The Next Generation Of Crypto Storage & Payments

IHODL Crypto Wallet Lets You Use Your Money Your Way

IHODLs Mobile app has integrated payment cards and virtual payment card facilities, to enable users to spend their Crypto in place of fiat at retailers who accept the crypto currency they hold, or fiat currency if they wish. We built iHodl to act as a two phase wallet, a private storage web based wallet with enhanced features giving direct access to exchanges without needing to leave the wallet on an external browser, and a Mobile App with virtual & physical spending facilities for both Cryptocurrency and fiat. 

Our plan is to simplify

The IHODL Mobile Apps integrated payment card and virtual payment card facility, will enable users to spend their Crypto in place of fiat for countries who fiat monetary systems has crashed. Payments can be made by QR Codes or via contactless and all payments are verified by facial recognition or thumb print on smart phones. We aim to increase mass adoption by simplifying the integrating and use of fiat and Crypto all in one place. 

I Wouldn't Leave The House Without My IHODL Card

Spend & Receive Rewards Up to 12% APY with the iHODL Virtual or Physical Cards or Tap & Pay

From The Beginning You'll Stay Secure

We prevent unauthorised asset attacks and transactions by implementing stringent protocols and applying industry-leading digital security measures to encrypt our platform. IHODL is working to ISO 22301 – 2019 standards, a business continuity management system by implementing a sophisticated privacy and end-user security education throughout. We are constantly innovating strategies to ensure the customers we serve are protected, through legitimate surveillance and a 360-degree risk management framework.

IHodl Road Map


Token Creation
Coin Market Cap
Coin Gecko
Coin Stat
Token Audit
Licence Documentation
Wallet Back End
HDL Blockchain Build


Sign Up Influencers
Social Media Marketing
Class 3 Banking Licence
Wallet Testing
Medium Exchange Launch
Recruiting Company


ISO 22301 Certifcation
SOC 2 Type 1 Reporting
ISO/IEC 27701 Certification
PCI:DSS 3.2.1 Level 1
Consumer Insurance
FCA Approval UK
Wallet Brut Force Test


5,000 Holders
10,000 Holders
50,000 Holders
100,000 Holders
50 Million Market Cap
100 Million Market Cap
500 Million Market Cap
1 Billion Market Cap

Our Value

Fair launch
Self Funded
No Seed Round
No Private Sale