IHODL’s 2 stage wallet “Web and Mobile“ with virtual spending cards and physical card systems, will be detailed along with all other financial and technical aspects required.
Our European Virtual Currency Licence enables us to provide our community with a clear path for the project from launch.
The web-based wallet is built and fully functioning, currently undergoing a Tech Audit. From the end of the Presale, we will list directly onto a major exchange, to build awareness of the project, ready for the launch of our own Layer 1 Blockchain and Mobile banking app during Q3 2022.
The technology behind our Smart Contract was built from scratch by our in-house development team, who is a group of blockchain masters and crypto security specialists to ensure all of our users are protected.

The ERC20 contract has been fully audited by SolidProof, passing with no High, Medium, or Low risks. We have been interacting with stakeholders, lawmakers, and legislators to implement a comprehensive quality assurance system and legal regimen. We strive to preserve our crypto corporation’s protracted viability, with password vaults to consensus verification protocols of all staff.

We are dedicated to ensuring this project is a success by truly revolutionizing the crypto banking world. We plan to make it possible to work in both fiat currencies and crypto seamlessly enabling transactions between both building mass adoption.
The exchange from Fiat into Crypto and Crypto back out in Fiat currency legally, is where the market is truly lagging. Simplifying crypto payments in countries whose fiat-based system has collapsed, and improving the exchange out of Crypto into Fiat legally and seamlessly, is our overall aim.
Please remember to do your own research and understand what you are investing in, we love crypto as much as you do and we are all in this together.


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