About us

Company Information

IHODL was created by group of highly skilled business and crypto experts, to provide a better to solution to the current Crypto wallets available, our wallet overcomes the complexities of using the current market leaders. 

IHODL has been fully funded to-date by our Founder, upon launch the token will launch at a fair price based on total investment shared over supply, providing the fairest launch price possible to you, our investors. 

We have streamlined the functionality providing a detailed ledger of your transactions, so you can see how much you have spent and where you have spent it. IHODL is non custodian wallet, it will also be equipped with a virtual spending feature to make payments via your phone wallet and contactless. This payment can not be made without 2FA facial or thumb authentication in your presence, this eliminates contactless theft.

Security is our highest priority.

Once we have achieved our banking licence, iHodl will release 3 payment cards, for varying levels of investors. IHODLS Card provider is widely accepted over the current prepaid versions in the market; giving us the market edge in payment gateways.

Our founder has built and sold many businesses over the past 20 years, creating startup companies and pushing them into global corperations in only a matter of years. Our Founder recently assisted in the marketing of a Token Launched in Oct 2021, his marketing and AMA’s took the company from a 1.5 Million dollar Market Cap to a 23 Million dollars in just over 11 days.

IHODL is backed by an amazing team of crypto inspired individuals, we plan to create what we feel the market is truly lacking, a wallet that offers everything.  We want to encourage adoption via ease of use. As Crypto traders and investors ourselves IHODL’s founder provided every dollar to build IHODL with the profits he made from trading Crypto over the past 12 months, a Crypto Project built by Crypto Enthusiasts for Crypto investors.


KYC Regulations

We encrypt sensitive data in relation to secure customer private data particularly Know-Your-Customer - (KYC) a legal requirement for all banking providers.

Security Notifications

If any illegal activity is identified, you’ll receive notifications and prevention systems. Measures are in place to protect credentials by preventing unauthorised parties.

Business Continuity

IHODL is currently implementing ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standards for security and resilience to respond and recover from unexpected business disruptive incidents.